How Did It All Start?

Welcome to the MediaCast Experience Center, your passport to the dynamic frontier of media technology. With cutting-edge hubs located in the vibrant cities of Istanbul and Dubai, we are a beacon for innovation in media technology. We offer an immersive environment that showcases the latest in SDI, HDMI, NDI, Dante, and Remote Workflow technologies – all wonderfully put together in an interconnected set up in one place! Visitors are invited to explore a diverse range of products, from Blackmagic Design, NewTek, BirdDog, Kiloview, NDI, Telycam, Dante audio connectivity solutions, and more. Our mission is to guide you towards the future of media tech by providing an engaging platform that fosters creative exploration, thought-provoking interaction, and profound understanding.


With a rich history spanning 25 years, MediaCast has been a pioneering force in the media technology landscape. We have embraced a unique approach that sets us apart. We go beyond traditional distribution models, placing a strong emphasis on creating spaces where users can fully experience and demo the latest cutting-edge products. Our focus is not only on providing access to technology but also on fostering a dynamic environment where users can explore, innovate, and harness the true potential of media technology.

Establishment of MediaCast Dubai
Creation of MediaCast Learning Center, in partnership with Apple
Establishment of MediaCast Turkey
Birth of the Blackmagic Design and NewTek experience centers in Dubai, serving as immersive hubs for professionals and enthusiasts to discover and engage with the latest industry-leading products.
Creation of MCX - A new chapter in media technology Experience Centers. Starting with MCX Turkey, a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Istanbul.
MCX Dubai - Unveiling of the MCX Dubai, further elevating our commitment to providing exceptional spaces where users can explore, innovate, and forge new paths in the realm of media technology.


Get to know the knowledgeable team of professionals who bring the MediaCast Experience Center to life, guiding you through the immersive journey of media technology exploration.


Lawrence Mallari is MediaCast’s pre-eminent expert on all things video. Ask him anything - be it about the requirements to build a complete studio running completely via NDI, or even how the sensor of a particular camera is constructed - and watch his eyes light up as he eagerly imparts insightful feedback to you.


Abigail Taguilid is our resident Da Vinci Resolve Specialist. A certified Da Vinci Resolve Trainer, she is very adept and comfortable in providing full demonstrations and trainings of Da Vinci Resolve and is also very capable in providing answers to your technical queries.


At the MediaCast Experience Center, our core values are ingrained in every interaction, every demo, and every experience. We believe in Innovation, fuelling the drive to constantly push boundaries and redefine norms. Collaboration, recognising that the synergy of diverse minds is where the real magic happens. Education, understanding that the landscape of media technology is vast and ever-changing, and it's through learning that we evolve with it. Our centers are designed not just to showcase the latest and greatest in media tech but to serve as fertile grounds for interaction, discussions, and growth.


The MediaCast Experience Centers, with their foundations in Istanbul and branches reaching out to Dubai, have been instrumental in shaping the media landscape, inspiring professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators alike. We've witnessed numerous success stories take flight from our hubs, each narrating the tale of transformative journeys fueled by creativity and ambition. As we continue to push the boundaries of media technology, we are proud to inspire and enable a new generation of media professionals and enthusiasts.

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We extend a warm invitation to you, to step into the realm of the MediaCast Experience Center, where technology embraces creativity, and the canvas of media technology stretches beyond the horizon. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional, a rising star, or an enthusiastic beginner, there’s always something new to learn, to discover, and to be inspired by in our centers, located in the heart of Istanbul and Dubai.