Experience Stations: Harnessing the Power of Media Technology

Journey into the heart of media technology with our Experience Stations. At MediaCast Experience Center, we've created unique interactive spaces in both Istanbul and Dubai where you can engage directly with the latest advances in the industry. Here's what to expect from each of our five main stations:

SDI Station

Backbone of Broadcast

Discover the robustness and reliability of SDI technology at our SDI Workflow station. Experience firsthand the state-of-the-art Blackmagic Design switchers, including the ATEM Constellation 8K (or 2ME HD), the ATEM SDI Pro, and the Television Studio HD8 ISO. Witness the impressive capabilities of PTZ cameras from leading brands like Telycam and BirdDog, all while exploring the intricacies of the URSA Broadcast G2, Studio Camera 4K, and Studio Camera 6K from Blackmagic Design. Top off the SDI experience with the steadfast performance of the Hyperdeck Studio Pro recorder and the Teranex Express converter, and see how the Web Presenter 4K streaming appliance completes the SDI ensemble.


Versatility Junction

Uncover the impressive adaptability of HDMI at our HDMI Workflow station. Explore a range of products, including the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, BD PF120, Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2, and the Hyperdeck Shuttle HD. This station shines a light on how HDMI technology caters to a variety of needs, demonstrating its wide applications for corporate, education, and small live event professionals. Marvel at the seamless blend of multiple input types, showcasing the sheer versatility and power of HDMI.

NDI Nexus

Innovation Unleashed

Experience the innovation at our NDI Workflow station. Dive into the powerful capabilities of ground-breaking products like PTZ cameras, the Tricaster Mini 4K, the Netgear AV Line Switch, and the Birddog and Kiloview NDI Encoders and Decoders. With hands-on interaction with top-tier software solutions like Cam Control and Multiview, gain newfound confidence in NDI’s exceptional performance, superior image quality, and low latency operation.

Dante Depot

Sonic Symphony

Step into the melodious realm of audio connectivity at the Dante Workflow station. Enjoy the seamless integration of Focusrite’s X2P and AM2 with Audio over IP and experience the thrill of Dante-enabled UAD SD1 Microphones. Discover the magic of audio networking, where audio and video coexist in perfect harmony.

Remote Production Terminal

Distance Dissolver

Bridge distances with innovation at our Remote Workflow station. Witness the transformative power of live streaming and remote access solutions, like the ATEM Streaming Bridge, and the Kiloview P-series Encoder and rack-mount Encoder and Decoder pair. With support for a wide range of protocols, see how remote workflow transcends the physical boundaries, connecting Istanbul and Dubai with the rest of the world.

DaVinci Resolve

Editing and Color Grading

Venture into the captivating world of DaVinci Resolve Studio at MCX, a place where the only limit to creativity is your imagination. With an assortment of dedicated feature sets, DaVinci Resolve Studio redefines the parameters of colour grading, editing, and audio post-production. Engage with industry-standard colour grading control panels and experience the dynamic prowess of the Fairlight console – this section is a sanctuary for media professionals, providing them the reins to steer the artistic vision to unparalleled heights.

Our Experience Stations are designed to give you an immersive and hands-on experience with cutting-edge media technology. Take a leap into the future of the industry and see the limitless potential of these technologies for yourself. Visit us at MediaCast Experience Center in Istanbul or Dubai, and start your journey today.