BirdDog at MCX

Welcome to BirdDog at MCX, one of the first companies to create NDI based hardware and software solutions with resounding success. Shaping the horizon of new media technology, BirdDog is dedicated to revolutionising broadcast and live production landscapes. This page unfolds their remarkable product range, including innovative cameras, flexible solutions, and pioneering cloud technology, all tuned for next-level production experiences.

The BirdDog Experience

Venture into BirdDog’s world of cutting-edge image precision, remarkable quality, and user-friendly design. See how these cameras, ranging from full NDI to 4K resolution, are reshaping industry standards. Engage with the exceptional software solutions – Comms Lite, a robust audio intercom system, and Central Lite, a potent NDI routing and monitoring tool. Get a firsthand experience of how these platforms streamline IP video workflows, bringing immense value and boosting efficiency across a wide range of production settings. Discover BirdDog’s commitment to technology advancement, simplifying complex tasks and revolutionising the way you engage with media.

BirdDog Eyes range of PTZ cameras

Get a feel of the precision, superb image quality, and intuitive design. Experience how these cameras, offering full NDI to 4K resolution, are reinventing industry practices. Engage with BirdDog’s software solutions like the Comms Lite, an audio intercom system, and Central Lite, an NDI routing and monitoring tool. Grasp how these platforms are simplifying IP video workflows, adding value, and maximizing efficiency in diverse production environments.

BirdDog Flex

Meet BirdDog Flex – the world’s smallest yet mightiest 4K NDI encoders and decoders. Experience their unique features, including their ability to provide tally, audio intercom, and Power over Ethernet. Witness firsthand how this compact powerhouse enhances productivity by delivering uncompromised 4K quality while streamlining production workflows. Understand how BirdDog Flex is not just about size and power, but also about revolutionising the way we perceive and utilise media technology. Explore this dynamic tool and realise its potential in transforming your IP video production.

BirdDog Cloud

Venture into the forefront of remote production with BirdDog Cloud. Unveil the potential of broadcasting NDI content securely and swiftly across the globe. Understand how this innovative solution transcends geographical boundaries, providing encrypted, low-latency delivery regardless of location. Discover the versatility of BirdDog Cloud and its potential to elevate your production capabilities by harnessing the power of the internet. Explore BirdDog Cloud and realise how you can redefine the scope of your live productions.

Broadcast and live production

Check out BirdDog’s transformative solutions tailored for broadcast and live production environments. Witness first-hand how their end-to-end production tools redefine content acquisition and delivery. From their intuitive and powerful encoders and decoders, capable of delivering 4K NDI content, to the cutting-edge BirdDog Cloud that breaks geographical barriers, BirdDog is ushering in a new era of broadcasting. Explore the breadth of their offering and understand how the combination of high-resolution image capture, seamless network integration, and global content delivery is driving the future of live production and broadcasting.


Engage with BirdDog advantages in the realm of sports broadcasting. Appreciate how their ultra-low latency and high-definition video capture systems redefine the dynamic and fast-paced world of sports. Witness the crisp precision of BirdDog’s 4K resolution cameras, effortlessly tracking every swift movement and capturing every exhilarating moment. Furthermore, delve into the robust functionality of the BirdDog Cloud, which facilitates secure, encrypted and fast content delivery, taking the sports broadcasting experience to a whole new level. Explore how BirdDog’s comprehensive solutions are shaping the future of sports coverage, making every match more engaging and immersive.

Houses of worship

Delve into the transformative world of BirdDog’s solutions designed for Houses of Worship. BirdDog’s suite of products, with their unmatched image quality and intuitive design, deliver a faithful representation of your services, creating an immersive, interactive worship experience for remote attendees. From BirdDog’s outdoor P4K camera with its precise tracking and stunning image clarity, perfect for capturing every detail of your service, to the power of BirdDog Cloud, ensuring secure, encrypted, and low latency delivery of your services to worshippers across the globe, BirdDog’s products uplift and revolutionise the worship experience. Discover how BirdDog’s pioneering technology makes every service, prayer, and community interaction a beautiful, seamless, and spiritually enriching experience.

Education and e-learning

Embark on a journey of enhanced educational experience with BirdDog’s groundbreaking solutions designed for Education and e-Learning. Explore how BirdDog’s range of cameras, renowned for their superb image quality and full NDI to 4K resolution, bring lessons to life, fostering better comprehension and student engagement. Take a look at the versatile BirdDog Flex, the smallest 4K NDI encoder and decoder, adept at facilitating high-quality, real-time video feeds for virtual classrooms. Witness the power of BirdDog Cloud, ensuring secure and low latency delivery of online classes and seminars to students, anywhere in the world. With BirdDog’s products, transforming traditional teaching methods into engaging and interactive learning experiences has never been easier.

Corporate communication

Experience the transformation of Corporate and Government communications with BirdDog’s comprehensive range of advanced solutions. Discover how BirdDog’s cameras, offering excellent image quality and full NDI to 4K resolution, ensure crystal clear video conferencing and effective team collaboration. Explore the capabilities of BirdDog Flex, the world’s smallest 4K NDI encoder and decoder, instrumental in facilitating seamless and efficient communications for both small-scale meetings and large corporate events. Delve into BirdDog Cloud, offering secure, encrypted and low latency delivery of essential communications across distributed teams and locations. Whether it’s a business presentation, training session, or governmental summit, BirdDog’s innovative solutions streamline operations and elevate the standards of professional communications.

With BirdDog’s ubiquitous presence at the MCX, you will discover the power of their transformative technology and how it can elevate your media journey.