Experience the DaVinci Resolve Studio Suite

A Colourist’s Playground

Engage with the pinnacle of colour grading accuracy, personified by DaVinci Resolve Studio’s cutting-edge colour panels. Immerse yourself in its ergonomic design and tactile controls, designed to give you the power to sculpt every pixel to perfection.

Effortless Editing Ecosystem

Dive deep into the high-powered editing matrix that DaVinci Resolve Studio provides. Encounter the fluidity of the timeline, experience the simplicity of the intuitive trimming tools, and get to know the efficiency of the media management system, poised to revolutionise your editing process.


Audio post production is now made simple with Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve. of audio post-production with the Fairlight console. From the nuances of mixing to the artistry of mastering, this industry-standard audio workstation enables you to fabricate rich, captivating soundscapes that amplify your visual narratives.

Film Epics

Witness the transformative magic of DaVinci Resolve Studio in conjuring visually breathtaking cinematic experiences, infusing life and colour into your narratives.

High-End Commercials

Discover the unparalleled precision of colour grading that propels commercial productions into stratospheric realms of visual impact and creativity.

Documentaries and TV Productions

Unleash the full potential of your documentary and TV projects, wielding DaVinci Resolve Studio’s sophisticated editing and colour grading tools.

Fuelling Creativity

Within the expansive expanse of the MCX, DaVinci Resolve Studio stands as a beacon of limitless creativity. Harness the unbridled power of industry-standard colour grading, effortless editing, and supreme audio post-production to redefine the boundaries of media storytelling.