Live Production with Vizrt TriCaster

Multi-camera live productions are essential components in today’s broadcast and live environments. With the increase in video content creation, the requirement for professionally trained operation has become necessary. TriCaster series of products by Vizrt has made video production easier and affordable for broadcasters, live-production companies, and video professionals alike. The all-in-one, integrated live production system is easy to learn with our “Live Production with Vizrt TriCaster”.


This section discusses the underlying technologies of the Tricaster system and what separates it from a traditional video switcher. NDI will also be a major part of this section.

Physical IO Ports

Every ports and connections available in the TriCaster unit will be discussed here.

TriCaster Landing Page 1

All necessary configurations needed for a smooth operation of the Tricaster system will be discussed in this section. Settings such as, but not limited to, Network, Display, Language and Keyboard are essential to be setup properly. Additional settings like Update, Registration, License Addition, etc are also part of this section.

Tricaster Landing Page 2

This is the page leading to the TriCaster’s interface and the space to configure the NDI KVM and touch upon the LiveText software.

TriCaster User Interface

This is the main user interface of the operator and 90 percent of the operation of the TriCaster is performed here. The main idea is to simplify the Interface for the operator and prepare the expectations for the operation.

Input Configuration

In this section, all the configurations related to the inputs of the Tricaster will be discussed. From selection of Input sources, Color management, Cropping and Resizing all the way to assignment of labels / names.

Output Configuration

All Output and cross-point configuration are discussed in this section. TriCaster provides a number of independent / auxiliary outputs, so a mastery of this section is crucial in TriCaster operations.


Depending on the model, TriCaster provides multiple Multiview outputs and allows for independent control for each Multiview output.

Internal Inputs

Apart from the cameras and NDI sources in the network, TriCaster also allows for internal sources to be used in Live Production. These sources can be your video from a USB drive or a still image that is a necessary component for your Production.

DSK Delegation

TriCaster provides multiple Down Stream Keyers, up to 4 on certain models. This section provides a better understanding on how layering works in TriCaster.

Transition Options / Animation Store Creator

Tricaster users can use their own graphics for transitions to help their branding. This section discusses this feature using a built-in software – Animation Store Creator.

M/E Operation

The Mix / Effects bus of the Tricaster is one of its strongest features. This section is dedicated in dissecting all the features of the ME bus such as Virtual Sets, ME Keyers, ME Re-entry, and many more!


Macro is an automation feature of the Tricaster. This section talks about how to configure, assign and edit macros that can be used in a Tricaster operation.

Audio Setup

Tricaster also provides a comprehensive audio control for all the inputs and outputs. This is the part where this will be discussed including the most important audio feature – the Audio Routing.


Recording of PGM or ISO recording will be discussed in this section. We will also show how to change the path of the recording, as well as the File structure.


Tricasters come with Dual Streaming encoders. It is important to see how this feature can be maximized.

NDI Tools

To make the most out of your Tricaster experience, it is important that the user knows how to integrate NDI sources in the Live Production. The NDI Tool kit is a free software package from Vizrt and is a good start to begin the NDI workflow.

LiveText / Virtual Set Editor

These are two add-on software and will be discussed if the client purchased these as part of their Tricaster acquisition.

Live Call Connect

Live Call Connect is a feature exclusive to Tricaster 2 Elite. This feature will be discussed in this section, showing the best practices on how to handle online callers.

Premium Access Features

This is another add-on feature and will be discussed of the client purchased a subscription license for their Tricaster system.