Netgear AV

Welcome to NETGEAR AV at MCX – a center brought to life by the pervasive presence of NETGEAR AV. As the invisible yet indispensable thread binding everything together, NETGEAR AV’s advanced networking solutions course through the veins of this facility, seamlessly knitting together all systems. Specialising in cutting-edge AV over IP, NDI, and Dante workflows, NETGEAR AV excels at facilitating flawless data exchange and fostering transformative media experiences. At every touchpoint, you’ll find the imprint of NETGEAR AV’s technology, playing an integral role in this interconnected tech space. From the backdrop, NETGEAR AV powers the narratives, setting the stage for a journey through the frontiers of innovation.

Discover the Brilliance of NETGEAR AV's Innovations

M4300 Series Switches: Set sail on a voyage through the world of high-bandwidth AV over IP implementations with our adept and versatile M4300 series switches. Witness firsthand their unrivalled performance, powerfully enabling interactive experiences that radiate through every corner of the Center.

Pro AV Engineering Services: Immerse yourself in the profound depths of AV over IP, Dante, and NDI deployments, guided by our experts. Empower yourself with the knowledge to design and use custom, high-octane networks that are precisely tailored to cater to your unique Pro AV requirements.

Broadcast and Live Production

Feel the pulse of live productions as NETGEAR AV’s robust networking solutions facilitate impeccable, butter-smooth video and audio streaming, ensuring an immersive viewer experience.


Uncover how NETGEAR AV’s robust networking weaves magic in live sports broadcasting, leveraging AV over IP and NDI to deliver high-octane, dynamic sports events without any hiccup.

Houses of Worship

Experience the spiritual connection as NETGEAR AV’s dependable connectivity delivers flawless, high-definition video streaming for remote religious services, binding communities like never before.

Education and E-Learning

Discover how NETGEAR AV’s stalwart network infrastructure bolsters virtual learning environments, ensuring a seamless flow of high-quality video content, thereby enriching the educational experience for learners worldwide.

Corporate Communication

Dive into the corporate world with NETGEAR AV’s high-performing networking solutions, which revolutionise live communication and content sharing using Dante and NDI technologies, creating a ripple effect of efficiency and effectiveness.

Within the realms of the MCX, the potent impact of NETGEAR AV’s network solutions stands undisputed. They raise the bar for media technology experiences, setting an unprecedented benchmark. With NETGEAR AV’s transformative innovations at your fingertips, get ready to unleash the full potential of your media journey.