Step into the vibrant universe of Telycam at the MCX, where technological innovation converges with Network Device Interface (NDI) integration to shape the future of video communication. As the cornerstone of connectivity throughout the Center, Telycam’s range of cutting-edge conferencing cameras and NDI-enabled video solutions breathes vitality into every interaction, orchestrating a seamless network of visual communication.

Delve into the Telycam Ecosystem

Experience the next dimension of video conferencing with Telycam’s groundbreaking suite of NDI-integrated products, each crafted with meticulous precision and a relentless commitment to delivering unrivalled video quality.

Video Conference Cameras

Immerse yourself in the world of Telycam’s Ultra HD cameras. These sophisticated devices capture every detail with stunning clarity, providing a user-friendly design that promotes easy integration with NDI networks for versatile and efficient video communication.

PTZ Cameras

Traverse the dynamic realm of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) NDI cameras, which offer comprehensive control and unmatched flexibility. With their smooth operation, powerful optical zoom, and seamless compatibility with NDI networks, these cameras pave the way for an immersive and responsive video conferencing experience.

All-in-One NDI Video Solutions

Delve into Telycam’s all-in-one NDI video solutions that encapsulate high-quality video and superior audio in one comprehensive package. Experience the convenience of an all-encompassing conferencing system that integrates seamlessly with NDI networks, enhancing connectivity and ease of use.

Telycam’s innovative NDI-integrated video solutions are revolutionising a diverse range of sectors:

Corporate Communication

Explore how Telycam’s advanced video solutions promote seamless, efficient, and highly collaborative communication within the corporate world, fostering productivity and innovation.

Education and E-Learning

Discover the transformative role of Telycam in bolstering e-learning through its reliable NDI video solutions, enabling educators to deliver high-quality virtual lessons that connect teachers and students like never before.


Witness the impact of Telycam’s NDI video solutions in making healthcare more accessible, facilitating a robust platform for virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring.

In the interconnected world of the MCX, Telycam stands as a company of innovative video technology, underpinned by the power of IP over video. This seamless synergy brings people together, creating immersive communication experiences like never before. Embark on your journey with Telycam and experience the future of NDI-powered video communication today.