Universal Audio

Immerse yourself in the interconnected universe of Universal Audio at the MCX, where state-of-the-art audio technologies form the harmonic symphony. At the core of this audioverse, you will find Universal Audio’s pioneering creations – the SD1 microphone, Apollo Twin X, and the mesmerising UAFX pedals, including the Golden Reverb, Starlight, and Astra. All of these elements seamlessly interact, orchestrating an unrivalled audio experience that permeates MCX. 

SD1 Microphone

Begin your auditory journey with the SD1 microphone, a precision instrument capturing the smallest details with stunning clarity. Every nuance is transmitted flawlessly, creating a tapestry of sound that fills the Center.

Apollo Interfaces

Experience the power of the Apollo, a dynamic range of audio interfaces that serves as the interface of choice for music recording. With built in DSP, LUNA recording system, and top-tier audio conversion and versatile functionality, it facilitates an interactive audio experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

UAFX Pedals

Step into the guitar landscape with the Golden Reverb, Starlight, and Astra pedals, each bringing a unique dimension to your auditory exploration. From the shimmering echoes of the Golden Reverb, the celestial navigation of the Starlight, to the wide-ranging modulation of the Astra, these effects pedals sculpt and enrich the soundscape throughout the Center.

Music Production

Feel the rhythm of creativity in music production, as Universal Audio’s technologies enable artists to capture, shape and fine-tune their musical vision with unparalleled precision.

Broadcast and Podcast

Discover how Universal Audio’s tools ensure crystal-clear audio capture and streaming, setting a new standard for broadcast and podcast applications.

Live Sound

Experience the thrill of live sound, as Universal Audio’s solutions provide the power and versatility needed to handle the demands of any performance.

Education and E-Learning

Witness how Universal Audio’s clear and reliable audio technologies enhance virtual learning, facilitating effective communication and content delivery in educational environments.

In the heart of the MCX, Universal Audio’s technologies raise the bar for audio experiences to unrivalled heights. Begin on your auditory journey with Universal Audio, and let your senses be enveloped by the resonance of technological excellence.