Vizrt, a pioneer in IP video technology, bestows its power to inspire and lead the transition to a fully IP-based workflow in our Experience Centers. Famed for its innovative solutions in live production, streaming, and media publishing, Vizrt together with NDI® fuels our space with its groundbreaking technologies.

Our Partnership

Partnering with Vizrt, the MediaCast Experience Centers extends an exclusive invitation for you to dive deep into the cutting-edge domain of IP-based video production. We bring you close to the transformative innovations such as Vizrt’s groundbreaking Network Device Interface (NDI®) technology, which is celebrated for its ability to facilitate seamless video transmission over standard networks. With its equal abilities in SDI, Vizrt’s products offer the best of both worlds.

The Experience

Venture into the NDI Nest at the MCX and find yourself immersed in the transformative world of live production that thrives on video over IP technology. Uncover the intricate workings of the Vizrt NDI®, the ground-breaking Network Device Interface technology, as it propels the media production landscape into a new age of efficiency and versatility. This innovative platform opens up new avenues for video, audio, and data sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, enhancing the overall production process.

The Products

Our exhibit showcases Vizrt’s flagship TriCaster®, praised for its versatile multi-camera production capabilities suitable for a multitude of applications. Alongside, experience the powerful 3Play® systems, designed to redefine sports production with advanced instant replay and analysis tools. Finally, witness the transformative potential of TalkShow®, which seamlessly integrates live, broadcast-quality Skype video calls into any live production setup, revolutionising the way we understand and approach live media production.

Broadcast and live events

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of live broadcast and event production at the NDI Nest, where Vizrt’s groundbreaking NDI® technology and flagship products come to life. Witness the seamless multi-camera production capabilities of TriCaster®, ensuring unparalleled live broadcasting experiences. Discover how 3Play® revolutionises sports productions with instant replay and slow-motion capabilities, while TalkShow® integrates broadcast-quality Skype video calls into your production workflow. Experience first-hand how these technologies, operating under NDI’s protocol, optimise high-bandwidth switching, enable ultra-low latency streaming, and facilitate simultaneous encoding and decoding across networks. The NDI Nest is a transformative portal into the future of broadcast and live event technology.

Sports production and streaming

Check new possibilities in sports production and streaming, where Vizrt’s products and NDI® technology change the game. Discover how the 3Play® system revolutionises sports broadcasting, enabling swift capture, replay, and streaming of high-action moments. Observe how TriCaster® optimises multi-camera production and live streaming, making every game more thrilling. See how NDI® technology streamlines production, permitting real-time, bi-directional sharing of video, audio, and data across the network. See how the integration of TalkShow® into the workflow enables live interviews, bringing viewers closer to the action.

Corporate and marketing communications

Elevate your corporate and marketing communication, where Vizrt’s suite of tools and NDI® technology revolutionise content creation. Discover how the TriCaster® system streamlines multi-camera production, transforming corporate webcasts and marketing promotions. Witness the power of TalkShow®, bringing live, network-quality Skype video calls into your communication strategy, enabling seamless integration of remote participants. Explore how NDI® optimises production workflows, allowing for efficient, bi-directional sharing of video, audio, and data sources across the network, enabling real-time collaboration and quick turnaround of projects.

Education and training

At the NDI Nest, you are invited to witness first-hand how the magic of live production unfolds in the IP world. Discover how NDI® enhances the efficiency and versatility of media production by allowing video, audio, and data sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network.

Government and military communications

Discover the power of Vizrt’s technology in government and military communications at the NDI Nest. Witness how the robust TriCaster® system and TalkShow® streamline secure, network-quality communications. See NDI® in action, efficiently sharing video, audio, and data bi-directionally across a network for quick, secure decision-making. Here, you will comprehend the vital role Vizrt’s innovations play in enhancing the efficiency and security of communications in these crucial sectors.